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Nice track

But what the hell was that info all about lololol

Keep your loved ones close, and remember to away Dance

To Rave is a Revaluation... So lets change out lives, that will change the world

ROFL ^_^

Digital-Xcstasy responds:

Yeah its really late for me, Or well ealy in the morning Just Type0's let me fix them for you so you will better understand

Keep your loved ones close, and remember to "alway" Dance

To Rave is a Revaluation... So lets change "our" lives, "so that one day we can change the world"

read it for what it is. and take signs as what they are, a sign alone is meaningless but to the people who impower it Give a sign meaning, this song is a Statment, to the world. That you should never let that one moment go, and alway Live life to the most

Nice collab

Different style , I can tell who did what just by hearing you two;s seperate sounds.

I'm not gonna get into the fact you used like 4-5 of my presets.
Gotta tell yoda to stop sending that shit out to people.

ElectroGirl responds:

thanks for ruining the 10s' streak >.>

Great foundation.

If some of these leads were switched up using a different and more powerfull VST , I could see this track being reallly good.

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

Yeah one of my friends told me he didnt like the synths, but i really didnt see anything wrong with them, so i tried many different synths, and then i decided to stick with the original synths i chose..so if it gets a lot of bad reviews, i'll definatly take a second look.

Thanks for the review

Not bad.

For a intro. :] lol

Iplaygames responds:


Not bad...

Did not need all that hype about your reason site and what not. Its mediocre work lol.

Could do all this in FL real quick :]

amazing lolamzing amazing lol

sick ass sample skills you got here

Nice job here.

Nice flow and nice doing it from scratch or without a remix package.


Preety neat


what contest is this for?

Ok here we go.

The pros.

- You have "Decent" Melodic structure experience.
- You know how to layer layers to make one synth back up another one.

The cons.

- If this is the final version you may as well just delete the whole project because 2:23 seconds is not even close to being a full track in ANY edm genre.
- Sounds like 30000 other songs here on NG, Get original.
- these leads sound like Kiddy kandy poobabies.
- You have not learned how to EQ
- WTF are these breaks are you serious rofl
- No structure what so ever.
- Im just gonna stop here.

PsyWoofers responds:

We're not even going to answer this...
Im just gonna say that if u want the classic 7 or 8 mins boring and repetitive trance its fine, what we're trying to do is to give new life to electronic music trying to make it as less repetitive as possible.

preety sexy

2:49 is not a proper tune length.
Where was the outro

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