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creative , a bit overkill for my taste.

track creativity is really good , has a decent flow throughout the track. But putting that many different leads and sounds together is just to much for me. I'm sure you will progress in your productions and gather a better sound as you keep on learning new things and processes of producing a track.

But overall

7/10 needs to have less , less is MORE!

return the favor sometime :]


Phyortek responds:

Thanks for the review, ill be sure to check your stuff out as well :-)

the melodies are ok , but pump the brakes for asec

The overall track sound is WAY over compressed and way to loud. its overkill and will hurt anyone's ears. you gotta mix this down a little better. Just re eq these sounds individually and work on a different method of compression perhaps?

right now its just overkill

6/10 for having a decent track rough draft , work on the compression
5 for effort

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damn bro I am impressed.

So sick listening to all these unique sounds meshing together making something so raw. your cat fukin kills it bro lol.

I think this is very creative.



B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks! My cat actually gets nervous when he hears this song, cause he doesn't know who's meowing.

Not bad, chord progression is above average.

Sounds like your kind of new to fruity loops. When I say that , I dont mean any disrespect , I'm just pointing out that the vst's and what not sound like basic stock FL. If you switched some of these instruments to more powerful ones and used some automation this track could be improved big time.

Well keep trying new tricks and try to learn as much as you can.

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JTPROG responds:

As a producer, what vst's and whatnot do you use? I want to get all of the resources so I don't have to worry about that aspect, at least?

super experimental and different.

Gotta love creativity!

I thought it was fun to listen to.


Return the favor when you get a chance.


Purpin responds:

Thanks alot man. :)

I definitely will.

I always enjoy my 8bit!

This track is very sick , Don't got much to add to that , just a great tune!

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Totally unique and experimental , I really enjoy!

Although some parts of the track need some minor adjustments in eq and volume level , its quite the unique track you got going on here. Very fun to listen to and its jam packed with ear candy to keep you interested and entertained until the very end.


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lanky21 responds:

Thanks. Yeah, this was more of a "messing around" track than a meticulously crafted piece. Glad there was still things you enjoyed Mr. Nerg!

Very unique track right here.

I'm pretty interested to know what you used to produce this. Its always fun to hear DAW productions when its a style like this.

I like the guitar chords and progression very well probably my favorite part of the track.

The drums are spot on as well.
Very good stuff man!


keep it up

Alturos responds:

Thanks for the vote/review!

To answer your question, I used Cubase LE 4 to create the song, and a Yamaha MM6 keyboard for all the sounds. Finally Audacity was used for the final recording as the song is created as MIDI.

This was really fun to listen to!

Perfect style loop for some of the flash producers out there.

Very nice job!

Not bad at all.

If you went about doing the intro and outro with a basic beat you could easily add an additional minute or two to make the track around the standard length of a official trance track. The melody in the track is for sure driving and good. Are you doing these remix;'s solo , or are you remixing them for an artist?

All in all , the track should be longer , but the melody's and beats used are real good. Keep up the good work!


Producer from Detroit , Michigan. Took many years of experimenting , frustration , and passion to get where I am at today. Although I am signed to several record labels, I still stick to my roots which was NG from the very beginning. -dannyNergy

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