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Very good track here.

A little confusing though , why is the track so short? The remix is good. Wish we could hear the original to see what changes you made. The leads are driving , the drums and track density are above average. The master isn't bad and the melody is really nice.



Solid track man,

I love the flow and the energy of this track. You did some good ass bassline work. The pads are equed above average , the master tiss good. I'm liking the keys alot in this track.

I will say that some elements of the track could use some better eq tweaks. Like some of the drums could have some more force behind them.Perhaps even a simple volume adjustment on some of these sounds would do the trick.

All in all , very nice job keep em coming.

Oh and that mixdown towards the end to outro was very smoOoth ;]

Solid start.

Would recommend some different vst's or perhaps different ways to make new presets. the track to me sounds like a rough draft, the layout is all there. Some of the transitions are working out but will need more work. Alot of these sounds need to be replaced , but the melodies and piano roll'ed notes are fine the way they are. It needs to be mixed down , there is barely any mixdown at all. Filter in some of these square leads , it will sound much better , use some panning and thickening on the percs , hats , etc

Just stuff like that to maybe work on :]
7/10 keep working on it

iPixzel responds:

thanks for the advice, I've been trying to find good sites to get good percussion samples, trance samples, etc.

Very experimental and I'm digging it.

It could very well be a intro to something much more. I can imagine a bass line starting right when the loop re - loops itself. Like , if you were to just double the track in length and add a bass line during the second half, then you could start a fresh experimental sick track.

Conal responds:

Well, it has been said before that this should be an intro to something more.

This is very very good.

It does not sound like you produced this on a DAW like reason or fruity loops. Sounds like this is all from a keyboard and recording to sound channels and editing all on your keyboard. It is very well constructed , the track is just realy unique and stands out, Can;t wait till you finish it!

Keep up the good work its worth it in the end!

Itchimaru-kun responds:

Thanks allot man!

wow using the defauly Fruity loops audio samples..

reminds me of when I was 12 first learning the program.

5/10 for the nostalgic feeling you gave me.

But keep at it you will learn a LOT more trust me


Welcome to the world of production.

kasha4890 responds:

Heh, thanks =]

And I haven't really been able to find any decent samples, so I've kinda defaulted to using the Sytrus plugin stuff. Is there anywhere you would suggest I look for better samples?

Thanks for the review! =D

If you incorperated these sounds into trance :]

You should experiment with trance on a more suited DAW program. Start on fruity loops if you want. I dont know what your using to compose or write this music , but you sound like you would have fun with layering and pad work big time. You would definitly come up with some insane and catchy keys as well.

Keep it up

Review a track or two of mine if you ever get a chance.


Good indeed

The high pitched synth needs to be lowered in volume just a tad ( barely at all ) Them bass lines sound pretty nice , although if you were to adjust the eq on the low end frequency's on all bassline's a bit more towards the low end they would sound much more punching and still crisp. Some of these drum rolls and build ups were nice. Keep it up.

Check out some of my tunes if you have time and leave a review :]

Preety good.

However its like you mixed uplifting trance with old school techno.

nothing in this track is says "tech-house"

As someone who produced tech house for multiple beatport record labels , I really don't hear anything tech-house

The pad and key sequence was the best part.

the other beats and sections were not the greatest.

But good job.

Helth responds:

k tyy...

and lol..

just because it's a uniqe style doesn't mean it doesn't fit in the genre!
so u want me to make generic music?

No thanks sir

not again :/


ALL these basslines , not even the SAMPLES u straight up just using loops here man wtf.....

If anyone is confused.

The GOOD part of the track is just a loop from vengeance future house.

uh man :/

I mean I appreciate you commenting on my track and what not but , I cant appreciate music thats a stolen loop :/

Gonif responds:

what part of this song is stolen?

i think you are the confused one here mate..

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