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um vengeance?

ah man the whole track is preety much a loop from vengeance..

uh man , gotta get original.

It's ok.

Nothing breathtaking.

Preety good rework here bro.

Like it a lot.

gratz on getting out of the music slump.

Check out my latest tech-house track , Messy!

You did this live? you played all these keys???

AMAZING if you did.
holy shiet

darphfluffy responds:

thank you.

Good stuff. Average Swedish type dance music.

But I like it.

Did not get to listen to it with my monitors , but with my headphones it sounds like some levels are not EQ'ed or leveled right.

Melody was sick though :]

just the lead choices are a little to bassyhunter style for me.

Krussi responds:

thanks for the review :D yeah, i presume that it's not EQ'ed right :P as it says in my comment, its not done yet and needs to be mixed :D thanks again for your opinion,r review and the "8" :)

digging the porta :]

if you replaced some of the cheese leads and keep that porta REECE like heavy saw, would be sick.

Lower the levels of these claps and snares plz!!

But overall nice job


Since u left me a nice commento

IDReaper responds:

Cool, thanks for the review, I'll be sure to get around to patching up the aformentioned issues.

Solid bassline you got.

Nice beat , good ass mixdown.

Solid track.

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entited Messy

Preety heavy shit man xD

just needs EQ and better levels :]

Check out my latest under house
entitled messy.

Dialo responds:

OK Thanks anyway

very nice

the melody is outstanding man , god damn

reallllllly moving

Shamukh responds:

Thanks man! :D

Ok if you added a proper structure to this!

It would be a great track.

2:30 seconds is not a trance track.

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