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decent beginner workflow and sound

My review will be biased because its obvious you are semi-new to producing , or maybe just new to this genre in particular.

But anyhow , good idea. I can see where you wanted this to go. However the mixdown needs some work. Overall the sound is not quite at an even DB. These leads are not loud enough. Almost every sound needs level adjustments.

All in all it was a interesting listen, reminds me of my first couple months producing, almost exact same sound lol.

keep learning and producing buddy :]

5.00 / 5.00 (+ 5.00) - my vote.

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LyricalBombs responds:

Alright man thanks for the review.


Have not heard this style from you , and I like!

The track is super funky! I dig it man really. Some might say the vocoder is overused but I think it sounds prime. The percussion is simple and then complex at the same time. Very good use of sounds in this one. I like how you keep bringing in that fill/break sounds really good. And then to the bassline!!! Once again its so simple yet brings the entire track together! Love it.

@0:21 Nice intro build , when that voice comes in , sick!
@0:33 Ahhhh sick sick sick , track is bumping!
@1:02 Love this breakdown
@2:28 SOLID OLD SCHOOL BREAKDOWN!! sounding like a champ

MASTERING - 8.5 / 10
PROGRESSION - 8.0 / 10
ORIGINALITY - 9.4 / 10
MIXDOWN - 8.7 / 10
STRUCTURE - 9.0 / 10

OVERALL - 8.72 / 10

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Nav responds:

Thanks for the review :)

I'll do my best to return it sometime.

Not bad for your first house attempt!

You could totally tell you have been only producing trance , it was really funny and nostalgic for me , since when I moved to house , this is what all my tracks were sounding like as well :]

I will start helping you with your transition into house production !


Yodamanjaro responds:

Thanks man!

Powerful concept , if only some leads were changed

Overall the track was not bad, for trance on newgrounds it's pretty decent. I highly recommend that you get more technical with your leads and pads. Automation does wonders. When I got to the outro , I was disappointed. It almost sounded like you guys just gave up on the track and rushed the end. Anyhow some sounds were solid clean , nice EQ overall work flow and mixdown , while on the other hand , some things were under cut or overcut.

Since derrick you told me the situation of this track , I guess I can understand why some of it seemed rushed.

But overall it's still decent ear candy and is not a wasted effort.

MASTERING - 6.5 / 10
PROGRESSION - 7.75 / 10
ORIGINALITY - 8.5 / 10
MIXDOWN - 5.0 / 10 "Because of the outro, and rushed transitions"
STRUCTURE - 7.0 / 10

OVERALL - 6.95 / 10

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Yodamanjaro responds:

mmmm I appreciate the breakdown of the review score, no one usually does that anymore....

Melodic || Easy on the Ears || Uplifting ||

Overall the track was great. A couple minor speculations not being any major ones, mainly my own concern is repetitiveness but honestly its debatable! The effect samples you used , you did great work on the FX on each one and made them more solid and atmospheric. The melodic progression of the track overall is real nice and smooth I really was drawn into this. Anyways man great job and I hope this in depth review is useful to you and others.

@0:50 - 1:02 Nice intro build , simple yet powerful , good job
@ 1:06 When that Amazing FX or synth with delay w/e it was came in I really liked it and how well it works with the chord progression.
@1:29 Cool use of the filter on the master , or if it was used in a send channel , w/e the case worked well in this instance!
@ 2:52 The build up could have used more then 1 filter coming in. Try experimenting with multi filter vst's works wonders!
@3:46 Very nice use of the DB glitch ! I assume that is what you used for that. If I'm wrong ey w/e :]
@4:28 Great effect you put in there. good use of delay and tempo of the delay to drag out the sound just right!

MASTERING - 8.0 / 10
PROGRESSION - 7.5 / 10
ORIGINALITY - 8.0 / 10
MIXDOWN - 9.0 / 10
STRUCTURE - 8.5 / 10

OVERALL - 8.2 / 10

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Really great groove you did here.

Enjoyed it alot.

shit is sick plain and simple

nothing else

really cool track here.

Ive always been amazed by the people who produce metal and rock on DAW programs.

good stuff


decent stuff

you should really work on not using nexus presets. I can hear them a mile away lol.

I actually have a track that has almost the same melody as this , one of them tracks I did when i was first starting off producing.

Keep working on fully configuring VST's , id recommend something other then nexus tbh its not very editable.

Anyways decent melody so farkeep it up


return the favor sometime

Tminus03 responds:

Actually this wasnt done with nexus at all the one preset i did use was with vanguard. But i appreciate the comment :D


like gabber mixed in with game music. I did a couple of these tracks way back in the day lol it was fun.


Return the favor sometime :]


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