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Definitely the right idea. The synth is almost spot on, could use some delay,reverb automation work on the decay,release build ups and what not. Loving everything about the synth other than that so far sounds like my style kind of, If you listen to my track entitled "research" you will know what i mean. Keep it up.

Norato responds:

deffinitly will man :)

fucking amazing

Just like my one track, this has a bunch of elements and parts that just don't work off each other in that special way that results in a blended out mix. We both need to hit the books :]

DeAdEyEJaM responds:

Thanks for taking the time to listen. You are absolutely right, and i appreciate your feedback.

Wow surprised me to hear a proper producer around here. Dope track.

So far good stuff keep at it.

A couple things aren't in the best of shape
But a couple things are spot on.

Just work on it some more and get the cheese elements out imo.

CANDYdisturber responds:

Thank ya for the review, sir

Wow you are very talented don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hit me up if you wanna talk music production, I am on a couple record labels, beatport and what have ya, perhaps I can point you in a couple of em's direction.

If you actually made these bass lines from scratch

Then hats off to you, your really good. But if this is super sampled, still bro, very good production. Should be in top 5. This is pretty amazing for newgrounds.

Prodigal responds:

The synths, and the jitter bass were all created by myself, the main bass, however, is a slightly altered sample, But nonetheless still altered. All the melodies and basslines are completely original.

Thanks for the review!

Yea you actually have creativity my friend!

Very catchy loop indeed, and awesome sounds by the way. Whoever told you to download nexus, do not even bother, that VST is the most limited piece of crap I have ever laid eyes on. If you want to get good and improve with your music production and overall knowledge of EDM music. I recommend learning the in and outs of basic poly synthesizers. Most vst's these days are polyphonic. Learn all about amp mod, automation, side chain, EQ, Mixdowns, and all that fun stuff that takes time and patience. Don't listen to half these kids on NG, they know NOTHING about production and quality. I get hated on all the time, but then I am signed on record labels and have tracks on beatport & trackitdown. Pm me, or hit me up on aim if you want help learning new stuff. Peace brooooooooo :]

DjEsyrik responds:

Wow, thanks :)

Ya GarageBand is just awful bro, but this remake!

Is really catchy, I love all remixes of bittersweet, It's one of my favorite tracks in the world. I have some AMAZING remixes that are real real REAL hard to find. Get back to me on that, I will hook you up on aim like last time.

But ya not very much done with this track as far as production aspects go, but hey you were just trying to learn a new software, a very shi7 one even, and still came up with a catchy track.

Id recommend Fruity Loops 10 , or Ableton / Reason
Ableton is ALOT easier to learn than Reason, but both are solid.
I stick with Fruity Loops, just because Ive been using it for over 11 years.

Very good.

Couple leads/Synth's or FX , whatever they are!
That I would have left out of this track.

But then again I'm not you :]

Good stuff.

Producer from Detroit , Michigan. Took many years of experimenting , frustration , and passion to get where I am at today. Although I am signed to several record labels, I still stick to my roots which was NG from the very beginning. -dannyNergy

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