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Producer from Detroit , Michigan. Took many years of experimenting , frustration , and passion to get where I am at today. Although I am signed to several record labels, I still stick to my roots which was NG from the very beginning. -dannyNergy

33, Male

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Macomb Comm College

Detroit, MI

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Posted by dannyNergy - September 21st, 2011


If you have a track that has a remix pack, and you want me to do some remix work, go to my soundcloud and upload w/e you want.

I will even check out full tracks, if you want my constructive criticism as well!
dannyNergy's Soundcloud

Posted by dannyNergy - June 3rd, 2010

Just letting peeps know that I've been pretty busy with the music production lately.
working on a ton of remix;es trying to get shit done before label deadlines.

Some new news about me and the toonage.
* As of April 2010 , I got signed to multi genre major label [ Total Wipes ] "ITALY"
* As of May 2010, I finished track title "Skyfish" and is currently getting mastered by [ Total Wipes ]
* As of April 2010, My track "Just A Reminder, Drink Your Juice (Original Mix)" Got released on Trackitdown.net , under label [ U-Neq Productions ] and under "Genre: House / Electro (Deep)" release Catalogue No UNEQDE0410
* As of August 2009, My EP entitled "Vivid vibrations" Got released under [ U-Neq Productions ] Including tracks like, "Crunch" and "Bring it back kid" and also "Just for you" 4 track release, check it out!
* As of July 2009, My track entitled "Mieta Menchendit" Was a featured track for 6 weeks on the front page of www.trackitdown.net , its still ranked and still featured today! Check out this club banger, released under [ U-Neq Productions ]

As new shit happens, I shall put it in this post.
To contact me with any questions or just to talk music. Hit me up on aim [ dj danny energy ]
check out the myspace for new projects,release dates, and full discography www.myspace.com/dannyNergy

Thanks for checking out the new news.

Posted by dannyNergy - February 3rd, 2010

I feel bad that I have been gone for almost a year and a half. I have been really busy with releasing tracks on record labels and all that jazz. But I'm back @ writing good reviews and trying to show some new producers anything there willing to learn.

Just hit me up on aim if you want to talk music.

I'm also an A&R for two record labels.
we accept all forms of EDM.

If you think you have a demo thats label ready feel obligated to show me!

Sorry for the downtime NG.
And YES , I will be producing new music only for NG , I promise I will pump out some promos for free download , I'm tired of not being able to put any tracks on NG for good. I always get them signed , or rather my labels make me sign them :/

But I'm back , so thats whats counts.

Getting back into giving back to NG

Posted by dannyNergy - March 10th, 2008

I've been chilling pretty much this whole month.

Some NEW STUFF this month

-New releases on uneq productions

* dannyNergy & RNDR - nautical ( original mix )
* dannyNergy & RNDR - nautical ( rework extended )
* dannyNergy - gateway ( original mix )

-New releases on Amplfiied Digital

*dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer - printed memories ( original mix )
*dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer - printed memories ( uplift mix )
*dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer - printed memories ( Marco P Remix )

I will post some teasers and sliced up sections of my newest releases on NG soon.
Check back for me details later.


March / April news

Posted by dannyNergy - February 17th, 2008

Why id we take down our new track "printed memories"
It was doing so well!

Yes we know and we are sorry to inform you that dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer "me and mc bigboy" Will not be posting our main projects on ng as of today.

We will still be doing smaller stuff out of boredom and posting it up possibly.
But we are excited to announce we are currently signed to


Our latest track will soon have a release date
entitled as- dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer - unprinted memories ( original mix )

We thank everyone for there reviews and votes on all of our ng releases but we feel at this time we must concentrate on Amplified digital releases.

Thanks for everything, Have a good year
dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer

As all of you are wondering.

Posted by dannyNergy - February 14th, 2008

dannyNergy & MC bigboy - Printed Memories

First of all let me say that this track was almost ruined due to a corrupt FLP. But It took me about an hour of searching on google how to edit the code in a wordpad file and fix it. I will be saving every 30 minutes now on like 3 different zip files. I would cry if I lost this work.

MC bigboy started it off with the amazing melodies and industrial sound. We passed back and forward and then I remade the whole thing using bigboys melodies and my style of progressive melodic trance. ( and some of my own keys and pads )

We are very happy with the sound we create with eachother and will be producing more stuff this year for sure!

New track collaboration with mc big boy

Posted by dannyNergy - January 11th, 2008

Let me just say this.

Newground's is not my main concern when it comes to my music.
I appreciate everyones reviews , feedbacks , and votes but its not my goal to sit here and try and get my toons to #1! and then make posts about it all week.

In all honesty I've gotten some pretty sweet label offers and Ive been in the process of choosing which digital label to produce on so.

Therefore speaking.
If you like my music , Awesome! If we talk on aim and have become music friends sweet!

But to all you kids who just 0 my stuff without even listening to my tracks.
You can suckonmybawls bitches because it doesnt matter to me.

But I would however like to point out the following facts about your characteristics and personality issues.

0bombers are

1. STD infected and are dying a slow painful death , so they take it out on good producers and just 0 bomb there shit. In conclusion you should just think of votes as how many stds you got on your cheese pizza looking dicks. 5!

2. Your dad has a crack problem we know , this does not mean you have to 0 our music because you have 0 christmas presents every year cuss your dad sells them for crackrocks. In conclusion go out into the world and look up into music production , make some tunes , get signed , move out your crackhouse, and live happily ever after. ALSO! get some bitch pregnant and have 5 kids! yes 5!

3. Jealous of our choons. Its quite alright. Deep down inside we know they got small cocks.

4. Are complete virgins and need to get laid by 5 girls while they post votes on our songs. Maybe that will break the tension.

5. There mom goes to the college they didn't get accepted to. LOL

The end.

Posted by dannyNergy - January 3rd, 2008

"oldest to newest"

dannyNergy - missing in action ( original mix )
dannyNergy - the forgotten ( original mix )
dannyNergy & jontron - 2000 ( dannyNergys prog mix )
dannyNergy & jontron - 2000 ( jontrons radio edit )
dannyNergy - another day Ill make you smile
dannyNergy - when life splashes
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dannyNergy - I want to make it right
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dannyNergy - Welcome to hell
dannyNergy - the jinchurriki express
daniel esperzinski - ZooYork
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