As all of you are wondering.

2008-02-17 19:18:01 by dannyNergy

Why id we take down our new track "printed memories"
It was doing so well!

Yes we know and we are sorry to inform you that dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer "me and mc bigboy" Will not be posting our main projects on ng as of today.

We will still be doing smaller stuff out of boredom and posting it up possibly.
But we are excited to announce we are currently signed to

Our latest track will soon have a release date
entitled as- dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer - unprinted memories ( original mix )

We thank everyone for there reviews and votes on all of our ng releases but we feel at this time we must concentrate on Amplified digital releases.

Thanks for everything, Have a good year
dannyNergy & Derrick Meyer

As all of you are wondering.


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2008-02-22 13:28:43

Honestly dude... no one cares. Good for you, now leave us alone (finally)

dannyNergy responds:

Read up on how to make music before you attempt it.