New track collaboration with mc big boy

2008-02-14 05:02:05 by dannyNergy

dannyNergy & MC bigboy - Printed Memories

First of all let me say that this track was almost ruined due to a corrupt FLP. But It took me about an hour of searching on google how to edit the code in a wordpad file and fix it. I will be saving every 30 minutes now on like 3 different zip files. I would cry if I lost this work.

MC bigboy started it off with the amazing melodies and industrial sound. We passed back and forward and then I remade the whole thing using bigboys melodies and my style of progressive melodic trance. ( and some of my own keys and pads )

We are very happy with the sound we create with eachother and will be producing more stuff this year for sure!

New track collaboration with mc big boy


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2008-02-14 06:15:14

thsi picture is nice good luck dude


2008-02-14 12:44:58

I like the pic. Well, I'm glad that it didn't get lost...