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Producer from Detroit , Michigan. Took many years of experimenting , frustration , and passion to get where I am at today. Although I am signed to several record labels, I still stick to my roots which was NG from the very beginning. -dannyNergy

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About myself and my music

Posted by dannyNergy - January 11th, 2008

Let me just say this.

Newground's is not my main concern when it comes to my music.
I appreciate everyones reviews , feedbacks , and votes but its not my goal to sit here and try and get my toons to #1! and then make posts about it all week.

In all honesty I've gotten some pretty sweet label offers and Ive been in the process of choosing which digital label to produce on so.

Therefore speaking.
If you like my music , Awesome! If we talk on aim and have become music friends sweet!

But to all you kids who just 0 my stuff without even listening to my tracks.
You can suckonmybawls bitches because it doesnt matter to me.

But I would however like to point out the following facts about your characteristics and personality issues.

0bombers are

1. STD infected and are dying a slow painful death , so they take it out on good producers and just 0 bomb there shit. In conclusion you should just think of votes as how many stds you got on your cheese pizza looking dicks. 5!

2. Your dad has a crack problem we know , this does not mean you have to 0 our music because you have 0 christmas presents every year cuss your dad sells them for crackrocks. In conclusion go out into the world and look up into music production , make some tunes , get signed , move out your crackhouse, and live happily ever after. ALSO! get some bitch pregnant and have 5 kids! yes 5!

3. Jealous of our choons. Its quite alright. Deep down inside we know they got small cocks.

4. Are complete virgins and need to get laid by 5 girls while they post votes on our songs. Maybe that will break the tension.

5. There mom goes to the college they didn't get accepted to. LOL

The end.

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LOL...omg so funny!


OWNED But I totally agree with you about the 0bombers

First off, when you get angry at the 0 bombers, they win. End of story.

Also, which labels were showing interest in your work?

Moonrising , AVA , and Swordfish