Just making my music suckas :]

2010-06-03 22:13:00 by dannyNergy

Just letting peeps know that I've been pretty busy with the music production lately.
working on a ton of remix;es trying to get shit done before label deadlines.

Some new news about me and the toonage.
* As of April 2010 , I got signed to multi genre major label [ Total Wipes ] "ITALY"
* As of May 2010, I finished track title "Skyfish" and is currently getting mastered by [ Total Wipes ]
* As of April 2010, My track "Just A Reminder, Drink Your Juice (Original Mix)" Got released on Trackitdown.net , under label [ U-Neq Productions ] and under "Genre: House / Electro (Deep)" release Catalogue No UNEQDE0410
* As of August 2009, My EP entitled "Vivid vibrations" Got released under [ U-Neq Productions ] Including tracks like, "Crunch" and "Bring it back kid" and also "Just for you" 4 track release, check it out!
* As of July 2009, My track entitled "Mieta Menchendit" Was a featured track for 6 weeks on the front page of www.trackitdown.net , its still ranked and still featured today! Check out this club banger, released under [ U-Neq Productions ]

As new shit happens, I shall put it in this post.
To contact me with any questions or just to talk music. Hit me up on aim [ dj danny energy ]
check out the myspace for new projects,release dates, and full discography www.myspace.com/dannyNergy

Thanks for checking out the new news.


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2010-09-02 16:13:06

Finally! n__n


2011-01-14 02:22:45

= D