Getting back into giving back to NG

2010-02-03 01:13:50 by dannyNergy

I feel bad that I have been gone for almost a year and a half. I have been really busy with releasing tracks on record labels and all that jazz. But I'm back @ writing good reviews and trying to show some new producers anything there willing to learn.

Just hit me up on aim if you want to talk music.

I'm also an A&R for two record labels.
we accept all forms of EDM.

If you think you have a demo thats label ready feel obligated to show me!

Sorry for the downtime NG.
And YES , I will be producing new music only for NG , I promise I will pump out some promos for free download , I'm tired of not being able to put any tracks on NG for good. I always get them signed , or rather my labels make me sign them :/

But I'm back , so thats whats counts.

Getting back into giving back to NG


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2010-04-23 11:30:53

Good to see you back! :D